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Simple ways to warm the house

Lower Heat Bills During Cold Winter Months

Nebraska winters see single digits or below. Everyone wants to keep their house warm and save energy and money while doing it.

6 Common Ways to Keep Your House Warm

Draft-proofing windows and doors through caulking and weather-stripping; sealing up windows with plastic sheeting or bubble wrap.

Closing off holes where pipes and cables go into the walls.

Adding insulation.

Plugging air holes on power outlets and light switches with inexpensive foam plate seals.

Closing up rooms not often used. Keeping doors closed will prevent cold air from moving into the rest of the house and contain the heat you’ve generated in a smaller area.

Baking and leaving the oven door open afterward. *Make sure the oven actually gets turned off and children/pets are nowhere near the kitchen.

8 Other Ways to Keep the House Warm & You Comfortable All Winter Long

Let the Sun Shine In

Use as much natural and free heat as possible during the day. The sun adds natural warmth to the walls. You might think to shut the curtains all day will keep the heat in, but actually, you’re also keeping out the sunlight and natural heat. So keep your curtains open during daylight.

Hang Insulated Curtains and Close Them at Night

Wool cotton blend full drapery with thermal lining provides insulation, keeping the cool air out. Close drapery at dusk.

Install a Programmable Thermostat & Keep It Low & Steady

The goal is to never manually adjust the thermostat. According to Energy.gov, thermostats should be programmed for 56 degrees at night and when the house is empty during the day. Program it to increase to about 68 degrees when you’re home. This step can save 5-15% a year on your heating bill. Never lower the temperature so much that your pipes freeze and burst. Keep the person warm, not the house warm. Wear a sweater and slippers with rubber soles. Cover up with blankets if you’re chilly.

Clear the Vents

Furniture near vents blocks the air flow. Don’t let the sofa block the heat’s full effect when it comes on. If your home office desk is against an outside wall, lean a sheet of cardboard against the wall to block some of the coolness. Use solid headboards for beds placed against an outer wall.

Cover Floors with Rugs

Floors account for as much as 10% of heat loss if they’re not insulated. So cover up bare floors with rugs to keep cool air from seeping up into the room. Rugs have the added bonus of also adding color to a room.

Add Humidity to the House

Higher humidity holds heat in the air for longer. If your heating unit doesn’t have a humidifier, add humidity to the home by:

  • Showering with the door open.
  • Air drying the laundry. Warm humid air raises the temperature, adds humidity and warms up the house while saving heating costs.
  • Keeping water in the bathtub until it’s cooled off. Heat the room, not the pipes as the water drains out.
  • Slow boiling a pot of water on the stovetop. Add some liquid potpourri to put a lovely scent in the winter air.

Turn Ceiling Fans Clockwise at Lower Speed

This helps push warm air that’s risen to the ceiling back down to the floor where you can feel it. The less that’s wasted, the less demand there is on heating systems, and the more you save. Turn off exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom. They pull hot air that rises to the ceiling out of the home. Use these sparingly.

Heat Up the Bed

If you follow the suggested guidelines and keep your nighttime air at 58 degrees, it’s important to stay warm in bed by using flannel sheets, a down comforter or extra blankets. You might also try a hot water bottle, heating pad or electric blanket with an automatic shut-off. Another trick is to place rice or dried beans in a fleece cover and heat in the microwave. These will stay warm for up to 4 hours.

I want you to stay warm and cozy all winter long. If you need professional referrals to make your house more comfortable, let me know.

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